10 Wrong Answers To Common Acupressure Points On Hand Questions: Do You Know The Right Ones?

There are people out there who are eager to discover more about the pressure points on palms. It is very easy to learn about it and to find the pressure points out because they are found in the palm of the hand.

These pressure points are created when the muscles around the finger tips get tight. Released so as to move, such as when you touch a hot stove or they need to be opened . This creates these pressure points and they can be located on the index and the middle fingers.

A combination of squeezing and stretching generates these pressure points, in addition to rubbing and pulling with your palms. If you are trying to open up the wrinkles around your eyes, this squeezing and stretching activity is the one.


It can be somewhat painful to manage them, especially if you've got sensitive skin, although these pressures are not bad. Then it'd be best to take some basic actions to deal with it, if you feel that you are having pressure headache problems with this problem. You might want to try using petroleum jelly.

Times petroleum has been used to help and by using this lubricant, it does help to open these areas up, however, you have the ability to eliminate the blood flow all around the region. The lubricant helps to open up the pressure points and makes it far more easy to do so.

You can also try using a deodorizer which can help to reduce the sensation of the irritation for you to avoid the aggravation and the greasiness that the friction with your skin may cause. It can also help relieve some of the swelling.

If you feel that your hands are covered in the little amounts of sweat when you are working that they create, you should try some products that contain considerable amounts of potassium sorbate which is a preservative. This will help to keep your hands and the skin around them cool and dry.